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Simply paste or write your LinkedIn post.


Postdrips improves your LinkedIn posts by analyzing its structure, tone, and other factors against successful posts.


Finally! It gives you an optimized version of your LinkedIn post.


Get more engagement

Postdrips AI knows how to write compelling and effective sentences to bring you more reach..

Better readability

It makes your post easily consumeable. When its readability is high. Post performance goes up.

Improve writing

It knows how the best performing LinkedIn posts were written. So it improves the copy based on that.

What is Postdrips?


Clean UI. Queue based scheduling. AI powered LinkedIn post optimization. Crosspost to Twitter. All in one tool

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Best practices for LinkedIn posts

Post formatting plays a very important role on LinkedIn. Keep your posts very easy to read. Below are some do's & don'ts.


Use short sentences and short paragraphs

Use double line breaks between each new line

Starting hook is very important. Keep it really short & centered around reader.


Don't create wall of text.text.text

Don't share the whole idea in one big long paragraph.

Don't add hashtags in between your post content.

How good is the accuracy?

95% of the times it will bring the right results. If not you can optimize it again.

Is this tool free?

Yes. Our LinkedIn Post Optimizer is 100% free for now. If the usage of it goes way too high we will put soft limit on it.


I'm so glad I found this tool, it's been a huge help in optimizing my LinkedIn post.

Urooj Zia Startup Success Manager

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Postdrips helps you draft, schedule and optimize your LinkedIn posts.