Get LinkedIn post preview

An insight to preview your post before publishing


What is LinkedIn post preview?

LinkedIn post preview is a way to access your content before posting it. This helps in verifying how your post may appear to your readers. Through this technique, you can identify the part of your content that will be present before the “see more” option and the latter lying after it.

Having such insights is a great help when writing a new post for the LinkedIn audience.

Why is it important?

It's a great way to optimize your hook and grasp the attention of your readers to convey the message to them. This will help you attract a greater audience and provide you with the maximum reach.

Best practices


Keep the hook short & snappy


Your goal is to make people click on see more


A valued information never goes in vain, start with facts or stats


First line should make them read second and so on

Preview your next Linkedin post!